Common scenarios include:

  • Moving your infrastructure onto the cloud (replatforming, rearchitecturing)
  • Classical DevOps infrastructure and the CI/CD chain
  • Support of development (SysOps)

Some of the most common tools and architectures we can help you with:

  • AWS solutions architecting (multi-tier, loosely coupled microservices)
  • Orchestration (Kubernetes, ECS, OpenShift, Docker)
  • Secret Management (Vault, SSM, Secrets Manager)
  • Monitoring, Logging and Trailing solutions
  • Security (Image hardening, security patching pipelines, DevSecOps practises)
  • CI/CD concepts (toolchaining, pipelines, build, test, deployment and feedback)
  • Infrastructure as Code and best practises used in DevSecOps

All solutions are developed in a multi-tier application style, utilising loosely-coupled microservices.


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